Friday, June 26, 2009

Eagle Creek Hand Quilting Class

A few years ago I took at Beginning Quilting Class at my LQS that was a hand quilting class. The class project was a 9 block sampler quilt. Each block and its' respective sashing was pieced and then quilted individually, assembling the quilt as a whole at the end, so a different kind of quilt as you go.

I enjoyed the class and Lori, the store owner who was the instructor was a wealth of information. I did well as far as keeping up with the class for the most part, but didn't get much done the last few weeks due to sick kids as I recall. And other than a few days of jury duty last summer, the project hasn' been touched since. And believe or not, I'm actually ok with that. One idea that my instructor did convey, was that is was a "ziploc baggie project" and the idea that you should always have a small project in your purse that you can work on when are waiting at the doctors office, etc. So now that is just what I am doing. In addition to numerous machine quilting projects going at a time, I will always have something going to take to go also.

Here are pictures of the three blocks that are totally completed in addition to the one at the top of the post. I photographed each block laying on the outer border fabric of the quilt, Hollywood & Vines by 3 sisters. (Guess that tells some of you how long ago I took this class!) I'll save the still in progress blocks for another post.

LeMoyne Star

Log Cabin


These next two photos show the detail of the quilting from the backside of the blocks.

Not only am I a beginning quilter, but a beginning blogger so please excuse the space consuming photo layouts...


redgeraniumcottage said...

I love your quilt blocks. Your doing a great job!!! Welcome to blogland and quiltland. It's a wonderful land to be in. :-)