Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Sewing Space

I truly believe the key to getting anything done is a relatively organized least in my case it has made a world of difference. For the most part of the last 5 years that I have been in my existing home, my sewing area was a table in the corner of an unfinished basement in Minnesota... not very warm or inviting in the winter. About a year and a half ago, we began finishing our basement so most of my stuff was packed up and stacked in bins in storage. Finally about 6 months ago, we totally finished the basement (sans decorating). Since then I have gotten more done than I have in the 4 previous years. Yes, the fact that my children are older is also a contributing factor. I read on another blog a few weeks ago that the author felt the mess in their sewing room was due to purchases, etc. not being put away right away. I think this has been true in my case, so now on nights I'm too tired to sew or cut very well, I figure I can at least tidy up after myself. I sew primarily during naptime of my 3 year old and after everyone goes to bed. My sewing room is my basement guest room and right next to it is a family room that my children can play or watch TV, so in the winter I can get a little more sewing in this way. The photo above is where my very old & dependable Riccar sewing machine & Elna serger sit. I positioned them directly under the window for the benefit of natural light and I also have an Ott light.

Here is where I do my cutting, at a table in my basement just outside my sewing room. For larger pieces I do use my kitchen island or table on the main floor.

I also have a full size ironing board up most of the time. The dresser next to the ironing board also functions as nice area to lay out finished blocks. I used to run up two flights of stairs to use an ironing board in my bedroom... this is sooo much better!

This is just another little counter on a built in dresser that I use again, for laying out blocks or letting my iron cool out of the reach of kiddos!

You'll notice I didn't say anything about fabric or storage... I'm saving that for its' own post in the future.

So while I do not have a grand and dedicated studio, I am so happy so have a place to sew... and get a few things done. I am especially thankful it is heated come wintertime!


HOPE said...

Great organizing ideas..thanks for sharing.

I have an Ott light but like yours much better...looks like it covers more area than mine.

I use an old hutch to store and a closet. I have a fold away sewing table so when company needs the the closet she goes. Works well for me..and the ironing board is handy in this closet as well. I like the see thru bins..makes for quick look at what you need.

Love looking over your blog..thanks..