Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moda Lush Love for the Deer Hunter: Special Edition Stash Report

Today is my husbands' 40th birthday. When I first saw this collection, I knew I had to have it! (Do you notice a re-occurring theme here, if you have read other posts...lots of have to have going on?) My intention was to make a quilt for his 40th birthday. Perfect, I thought. I would make a throw for our living room where we have the real thing hanging on our wall.

I had one the of the large print/large block type patterns picked out but when I started to look how I would fussy cut the main paint by number deer print, the size just didn't match up. To fussy cut the feature section is really almost a 12x18 vertical rectangle, which then leaves also some smaller size deer groupings to fussy cut also. Of course I didn't figure this out until just before the Fourth of July, so in my mind not enough time to design and complete this on time with everything else going on outside the blogoverse. Particularly because this project also fits in the, I don't want to screw this up so maybe I better wait until I have half a clue of what I'm doing category.

So for now, I'll put this away until a snowy day in January when I'll have plenty of time to play... I just wanted to share this special stash with you in the meantime.

Check out the Sunday Stash group on flickr here and come back later this week or so... I think there'll be a giveaway on occasion of my 25th post! I'm off to finish a Tres Leche cake for my husbands birthday... hopefully tomorrow I'll get back to sewing!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

It is indeed a SPECIAL stash!! Wow - it will be perfect when you decide on the pattern.

Susan said...

Girl, you are RICH! You have a huge chunk of the deer fabric and I am totally jealous! I've love this fabric and never ever saw it in stores or online. I agree, wait until you're sure what you want before cutting one little thread off!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Badlands!