Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying to Turn an Ugly Duckling into a Swan...

My ugly duckling is my first quilt. When I began this project, I specifically chose some fabric that I had for some time but really wasn't my taste any longer (expecting that there would be many mistakes in this first larger project). It was a set of 20 floral 40s-ish fat quarters with a few polka dots thrown in. The photo above shows completed blocks for the main body of the quilt.

I chose a relatively straight forward pattern called, "Fat Quarter Breeze," by Butch Myers that was featured in the Spring 2009 Fons & Porter Easy Quilts as pictured below.

I thought this angular pattern would help modernize the fabric a bit as well as contrast it. For the same reason I decided to add white sashing around each block and as an outer border. For the back and binding I chose Jennifer Paganelli's Mod Girl Molly. From my scraps I made 20 6-inch blocks for the back of the quilt... I'm going to do 2 rows of 10 blocks each sashed in white about 2/3 down from the top. Below is the backing, sashing & a block in each size to show as a summary of sorts of the quilt to be.

I have to confess I've delayed this post for several days trying to get a fabulous photo of the blocks laid out on the grass on my attempt for them to appear more swan-like than their ugly duckling selves. After several days of wind or rain, I gave up today and settled on taking a picture inside, in my entry way. In the meantime, I read this post of Joanna's on photographying quilts and it just made me laugh...