Friday, August 28, 2009

Back from the Quilter

Look what came in the mail the other day! I got this quilt (my first greater than table runner size project) back from the long arm quilter. Elizabeth at The Finishing Touch Quilts quilted an overall pattern of large flowers. I wanted a pattern that was something I could not repeat and larger in scale. While it is only my first experience, I think she did a great job and was very fast...she had it coming back to me a less than a week after she received it.

I hope to start on the binding next week after I get a bit of work done on my zig zag top first...a reward if you will. Todays' mission is to clean my messy sewing room and house - they are a disaster after the last few days of finishing my Robots Baby Quilt. (Which I did and will share photos of tomorrow... I thought this post would be good for variety!)


Love the Decor! said...

I just bought fabric to make a quilt the other day. What is funny about this is I have never made a quilt. I just kinda got caught up in the beauty of it all and the wonderful fabrics. So I am going to take a big step and get started. ugh! Wish me luck!


so fun to get those packages in the mail!! well done!