Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Winner!

Me! Carla at Scientific Seamstress was giving away this totally cute twirl skirt that she entered into her state fair (Maryland) and won a blue ribbon for! To enter we had to leave a comment with an interesting fact about our home state. The winner of the skirt selected by RNG was not me, but she did select 3 entries to win the Embellished Patchwork Twirl Skirt Pattern E-Book...

Here is my entry that Carla picked!

I grew up in North Dakota...while I'm not sure if it is still a law (it was while I was putting myself thru college as a waitress)... when polls were open for elections bars were always closed - so voters would surely have a clear head! I grew up in the least populous county (Slope)where the county seat has a population of 29 (Amidon)... there is only 640K people in the whole state! Life in the VAST lane!

It was fun to read through all the entries! Go check out Carla's blog and see all her neat patterns. I discovered her via Jennifer Paganelli's blog since she uses a lot of her fabric. Lots of cute stuff to check out! Hopefully next spring when my nieces birthdays all roll around, I'll have a few twirly skirts for you to check out, too!