Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fabulous Friendship Bag Received!

The last week has been a bit rough around here... just very busy and the first bugs of the season for the boys. Last weekend my oldest had a cold, and then the younger one, and now today they are both home from preschool/school. In the midst of all this, I received the MOST WONDERFUL & GENEROUS Friendship Bag - perfectly timed for a frazzled mom!

I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things that Jacqueline from Norfork, England sent me... my wonderful bag quilted so nicely with varigated thread (and labeled!), a glass bird made near her home, a lavender sachet, scissors, buttons, several magnets & a charm pack(already messed up by my 3yr old).

In my comment section, I asked for nothing to girly as my 3rd old would probably claim the bag for his own, well Jacquelin made him his own bag out of the cutest frog print. He absolutely loves it, and it goes everywhere - upstairs, downstairs & to bed. This was so especially thoughful, Jacqueline. Thank you very, very much - you certainly went above and beyond and were so generous.

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Speaking of Friendship Bags, I have been working on mine but it isn't quite finished. I have just been able to steal a few bits of time in the sewing room this week. And in case you wondered if I've abandoned my zig zag quilt, no I have not, I have been trimming my HST and making slow (and sure) progress...

PS: I just realized that I didn't get the matching pincushion that Jacqueline made in the picture - SOMEONE had it up in his room!


Mrs Quilty said...

What a wonderful bag and so full of wonderful surprises!!! That is great! I love the picture of your 3 year old with his new bag!! He does have mischief in his eyes!! Adorable!!! I'm happy for you!