Sunday, September 20, 2009

Road Trip - The Quilted Forest & Pieced Tree Pattern Co: Winnebago County, Iowa

Yesterday I was a lucky girl to get an unplanned Fabric Fieldtrip. We drove down to Forest City, Iowa (Winnebago County and home of Winnebago RVs) to visit my in laws who were there to get their RV serviced. It was a beautiful day out with a nice breeze. My husband and older son were playing catch and my FIL took my younger son for a walk... and my MIL says, there's a cute quilt store in town open for another hour, want to go check it out? Like I would EVER turn down a chance to check out a new store??

So we went to the Quilted Forest quilt shop. It was a very spacious store with great lighting. They had a lot of Moda fabrics, including precuts, some Kaffe Fassett, Heather Bailey and a small batik section as well.

They had a very large selection of the Pieced Tree Patterns... you know the little cards that are laminated runner type patterns that are very reasonably priced? Well, when I got home to look at their website, I figured out why - the store owner is the designer behind that pattern line. This explains all the samples they had - in the the back of the store they had a garmet rack full of runners with the little pattern attached. (There are 56 little patterns to the line)

So here is what I's going to be my Sunday Stash post, too. I found a large selection of American Jane - lots of dots! I love these because they can be used in a more modern project, with 30s prints or traditional fabrics - they just work everywhere!

These are all from the Pumpkins Gone Wild line by Sandy Gervais. I never noticed these before, but they almost have an Kaffe Millifiore look to them, modern looking prints in traditional colors. The brown and ivory is my favorite.

I also picked up a super size red/cream dot from the Olivia fabric line and an Authentic charm pack. So yes, I was a very lucky girl! And since my FIL is the king of vehicle maintenance & perfection, I'm thinking I just might get lucky to get back to the Quilted Forest next summer too! Maybe you have an RV that needs service? (wink, wink!)


fabricartist21 said...

Don't you just love fabrics and they look so good on our blogs!! Thanks for being one og my followers.

Heidi said...

Those fabrics are awesome! I love visiting new quilt stores! What a great trip.

Jackie said...

I think that shop was featured in Quilt Sampler one year. It sounds so familiar. But anyway, I just love all your fabric choices they are terrific.

Suzanne said...

What a great store! The brown and ivory from Pumpkins Gone Wild is a favorite of mine too.

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

I love those brown and orange fabrics!