Thursday, September 10, 2009

what did you let your kids do this summer just so you could do some sewing?

School started here in Minnesota earlier this week and many other parts of the country started before Labor Day. With school starting, life has been pretty busy around here. Our school district is renewing it's operating levy this year and I was on a financial advisory board to the district to help recommend what amount to ask to levy. I had several PTO board meetings this summer and worked with a local company that did a wishing tree for our school as a company service project. Last week we had our school open house (which necessitated writing a PTO brochure), nurse/teacher & kitchen meetings to be sure that everything is set for my older son that has food allergies. Last night I stayed up late writing a PTO newsletter and had a preschool open house for my younger son this morning. AND I'M QUITE SELFISHLY WONDERING, NOW THAT SCHOOL HAS STARTED WHY I AM NOT GETTING MORE SEWING DONE?

So I'm also wondering, if you have small children and have EVEN READ THROUGH ALL OF THIS, what did you let your kids do this summer so you could sew? Here is mine... I let me kids watch Spongebob Squarepants! I never let them watch it until now, I mean NEVER...just don't care for the humor and there is always something better to do or watch. But after feeling tired of my invisible black and white referee shirt (might as well call my 3 & 7 yr olds - oil & water) I caved it...they would actually both watch together with no touching, hitting or name calling. And it was good for at least a quality 30 minutes of sewing time in the late afternoon after nap time.(when I should have been making supper!)

No the whole summer wasn't that busy doing other activities OR sewing while my kids watched SBSP... I did get a good bit of sewing in and and we had a good bit of fun. One of my favorite things was to sit out on the deck (during nap time) and play a board game with my seven year old. Here is a photo of my 2 sons from a bit of summer fun at Itasca State Park with extended family.

I wish you great productivity now that school's back in session... And BTW, did you notice this is my 49th post? Wonder what happens next?


Terry said...

My kids are 11 and 13 and I'm still a referee! I did let them watch more TV than I normally would, but no Sponge Bob here! None of us can stand him! LOL

Becky said...

My almost nine year old watched Disney channel. It was easier to let her sit there and watch, then to tell her she had to go outside and play with her sister. And her almost seven year old sister got to go to her friends house way more than I was comfortable with. But with hubs traveling all the time now, it was the only way to get anything done.

Jenny said...

It's Backyardigans here at my house. I made a deal with myself that 4 year old could watch tv every other day during 1 year olds nap. Tv one day, board game or book the next day...wish I could say I kept my word the whole summer!!