Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's a Snap Tutorial

When I was putting a snap in the Friendship bag I was making the other day, I remembered how much I like the snap setting system that I have and decided I should share it with you. I use the Snap Source Snaps & Setting tool. I first saw it in the Sewbaby catalog years ago and purchased it locally at a Mill End Textile Outlet. Besides the ease of use, I love all the colors and sizes available, gunmetal, copper, primary & pastel colors and more.

The first step is to mark your snap placement... here I have used a pin, on clothing I usually use tailors' tacks.

Here I am pressing the long prong capped snap through the fabric, centered carefully over the marked spot.

Carefully place the snap cap (which is thru the fabric) onto the indented spot on the snap tool.

Place middle layer of snap setting tool over the base and fabric locking this to to position by the peg that aligns all the tool layers together.

Place the snap socket in the hole created by the middle layer of the tool and then cover with top layer of tool.

Hammer the snap secure by hammering on the sandwiched tool/snaps and fabric. You'll notice I put a block of wood behind for a firm doesn't not work to do this on a softer surface but do not do this on your ceramic tile or hardwood that could get damaged.

After setting the other side of the snap, my bag is complete. (I have used these snaps on clothing items I have made from my kids and have never had a snap come out.) If this tutorial is not entirely clear?!, check out the Snap Source website!


BROOKE said...

ooooooh I gotta get one of those!

Jackie said...

This is something different than I have ever seen. I use the magnetic snaps and they are installed before the project is complete, or sewn together. This is different and pretty cool.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

That is one cool tool... and I don't have one yet. Thanks for posting.