Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Making of a Jedi: Part 1 the Jedi Robe

After wanting me to make this costume for over a year, the first part of my 7 year olds Obi-Wan Kenobi costume (from Star Wars)is done and after much editing, I am happy with the results thus far. I cut the robe out rather large so I have hemmed the sleeves and bottom at least twice and finally frustrated with the appearance, added pleats near the shoulders (sides were hanging longer) and wacked off a good bit of the fabric so the hems would not be so obvious and unsightly.

Right now I am finishing up the signature Jedi tunic... and if time allows I need to whip up faux boot covers of some sort as I just couldn't justify spending $30 for used boots on ebay. (besides used shoes bother me, anyway)

If you are into Star Wars or looking for costume resources check out Legion 501: Vader's Fist or Rebel Legion. These are the international costuming organizations... you may have seen members out and about at museum appearances.


Lynz said...

So, being a sci-fi geek? This is just the coolest kids outfit. And when I say kids? I mean "want one!!" My 7 year old wanted to be a unicorn this year. *rollseyes* Why do we put ourselves through this torture every year?