Thursday, October 8, 2009

Terry's Ohio Star

Terry found me and was one of my first followers before I discovered her blog, Terry's Treasures. A week or so ago, Terry's husband was in a terrible construction accident where a bulldozer rolled over on him and pinned his leg, which will likely require amputation.

Terry's friend, Laurie of A Yankee Quilter, is organizing an effort to make a quilt for Terry's family since we can't just drop by a casserole and help with the yardwork, etc.

Volunteers were asked to make a 9.5" block in red/blue/brown or yellow colors. I decided to make an Ohio Star since Terry lives in Ohio. I hope Terry likes it, but I hope even more that everything related to this accident goes as well as possible for Terry and her family.

If you are interested in making a block, check out Laurie's blog and Terry is updating her blog, so I am sure she would appreciate any comments of support at this time.


Laurie said...

thank you Karen!

Terry said...

An Ohio star is perfect! It's always been one of my favorite blocks! Thank you so much! :0)