Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plan B & Plan C

A few weeks ago when this long roundabout of colds began in my house, I thought, how can I get any sewing done in the basement while trying to listen for my kids in their bedrooms on the second floor?

Well I do have a hand quilting project that I could work on. But I came up with Plan B and Plan C. I have learned now that I have kids, nothing ever goes as planned.

So Plan B's main element is 500 1-inch hexagons. This size is perfect for 2 1/2 inch squares... perfect for jelly rolls (thanks for the idea Sherri) or charm packs. If you use charm packs, you will only get 4 of each print so if you are wanting flowers that might not be the way to go for you. I am looking for random hexagons to use on various pieces, not necessarily flowers.

Plan C is a book about Blogger to read and use to spruce up my blog. Ever since I switched to a three column template, I screwed something up so that I can not change the font size on my post titles the way that I should be able to. And I'm sure that there is a lot of other things, I just don't know.

So there are my planned alternatives for this person who doesn't deal with change or unplanned events very well... a little sewing & blog life to keep me balanced no matter what comes up.


Sherri said...'s definitely good to have a plan b and a plan c!

fabricartist21 said...

I'm like you; just stay the same and I function better especially with technical stuff.