Thursday, November 12, 2009

Andalucia Wonder Wallet

If you are like me, your favorite bag is just a cluttered mess of loyalty & shopping cards. And since life is not always perfectly planned, who knows when you'll get to what store or restaurant and remember to bring the particular card for that store? Since it seems there are so many stores giving out loyalty cards, there are just too many to put in my wallet, so I was happy to find the Lazy Girl Wonder Wallet pattern.

At the top is my finished product out of some Andalucia scraps. I wanted to use bright fabric so I could find it in my bag... why are the insides of purses always black holes - literally? And I chose to not use a decorative button...just something to get caught on other stuff - this is a function over form project.

Below is a picture of the open wallet. I put a credit card sized card in the front so you could see the depth of the 4 pockets. (next time I would eliminate 1 or 2 since I'm not using the change pocket - this way the corners wouldn't be so bulky) Also, I used the Fabric Fusion velcro which was new to me. It worked rather well, though either it slid on me when I ironed on the top flap piece or I just plain old didn't get it centered.

The pockets are very generous... this is 8 cards with room for many more. I am confident this project will help solve my clutter dilemma and it was rather fast to make... now unfortunately, I have to clean my purse.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very cute and practical - I need one!! It goes on the list.

HOPE said...

Oh I love this..I'll be back to take a closer look..gotta make one of these..thanks for sharing..


Susan said...

Cute, Karen! I carry something similar and it's so handy. I need to make mine a little roomier, though, it's bursting. Fun little project, too.

LOVE fusible velcro and yes, it will slip if you're not watching it like a hawk!

sewmeow said...

Dontcha just love that pattern?? Handy, huh?

Brenda said...

I love those wallets. Out quilt guild gave them as door prizes one year at our banquet. Yours is very cute.

susan said...

it turned out lovely
i need to scare up the pattern i think
i really like the curved bottom edges
i use sew in velcro, but use a fabric glue stick to hold it in place. works like a charm every time!