Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Block at a Time

I've been contemplating what I'm going to make for the Fall Mini Quilt Swap that I am participating in at Quilting Gallery. After trying to envision various block sizes and layouts, sewing one was definately in order. I made a leaf block with some of my orange Katie Jump Rope fabrics and khaki kona cotton. I'm thinking of adding a yellow and red block of the same nature, putting them in a vertical layout just each rotated differently.

This block is sadly pretty representable of my sewing lately...just one block at a time. We've been on our second round of various bugs since school started, this time is was a 10 day course of stomach bugs, fever, bronchitus and the croup between the two boys that has now ended in adult sized colds for me and my husband. Accordingly, my Christmas sewing list has been edited down and what gets done, does and what doesn't, doesn't.

So if your time availability is like mine, or if you just want a few more fun projects for your WIP list, here are a few BOM or Quilt Alongs that are doing a block quarterly or monthly.

The Infamous Block Party Bee, turned book and quilt along

Modify Tradition, a new very hip blog

Two Creative Studios BOM that you may have seen here in earlier posts.


Birgitta said...

You have such a fine blog and I am happy to find here. Glad yor did to me and want to be in my giveaway. I wich you a nice weekend.

Needled Mom said...

It looks wonderful....even if it is one block at a time.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the leaf block with Katie fabric.
Hope health comes your way and stays.