Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandma's House

This weekend we went to Grandma's house... and it reminded me of a project from Christmas' past. When we first moved back up north to Minnesota and I was a new stay at home mom (in an apt at the time, so no yard work or much space), I thought I would/should have all the time in the world to get some sewing done - specifically Christmas gifts.

Our oldest son was only 7 or 8 months at the time, but I decided to make Grandma's House for 2 sets of nieces/nephews that were a few years older at the time. It is a canvas slipcover over a pvc frame...much nicer, larger and more detailed than the ones Pottery Barn had a few years ago (though due to the age of the photos, these might look a little rough too!).

The smaller photo on the very bottom is like the original house and the house in the top two photos was modified for more of an up north/cabin feel for two boys. Each shingle is separate and made of two pieces of fabric and warm&natural,and the doors & curtains are reversable and removable. They were quite the accomplishment - one was on time and one was a bit late. Of course I never did get one made for my own boys, but we did borrow these from time to time.

So if your Christmas sewing is going like mine... those of you that are Grandmas can save this idea for next year!


Susan said...

Oh, how cute, Karen! I would have loved something like that when I was a kid. Heck, even now, some days I could use a place to hideaway!

These are so much better than stripping the sofa of cushions and stacking and balancing them! What a clever idea and super gift, I bet those kids just loved them.

Jackie said...

Karen, How creative! A wonderful idea and great to work on as a family too.

Needled Mom said...

Very cute! What a great idea that is too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Those are incredible. I'm sure much joy was had by those children!! What an Aunt you are!!

amandajean said...

that is IMPRESSIVE!!! i can't believe you made those!!!