Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let There Be Light

Before most of you were around, I shared my sewing space in this early post. Now that the sun has moved southward in the sky, I get much less light in my north facing walkout windows. Accordingly, it was time to add some light. The photo at the top of the post is a game table with pullout leaves that I sometimes utilize for cutting or pinning. I ordered a regular ceiling fixture and then had an in line switch/dimmer and a plug added to make a hanging lamp. In hindsight, we could've gotten away with a larger fixture but my husband wasn't too crazy about some of the larger drum type fixtures I was looking at and even the 2-60w bulbs this one has is so much better.

Below are a couple of photos from the ironing area and a dresser that I use for cutting smaller pieces in my sewing/guest room. I got a decorative Ott light from JoAnns with a nice long arm that I can swing either way depending on where I am working. Last night when I was ironing I couldn't believe the difference, it was so nice.

In case your curious, just cause everyone who sees the room asks, the wall treatment is called Manda Mudd...I saw this at an ASID home tour years ago and finally tried in a room. I love the look but unless you use a wallpaper liner it is irreversible.

And here's a photo of our recent snowstorm. School was closed today because of the blizzard so it's a nice day to be inside.


Shari said...

Your sewing space looks very tidy - love the lamp... We have suede effect paint on our walls - we love the visual and physical texture...

Chris H said...

I am STILL trying to get the lighting just right in my sewing room. That swing lamp is awesome! Your snow looks really really pretty.. it's swealtering here, I'm working on my suntan!