Friday, February 26, 2010

Found & Other Miscellany

This morning I was on a mission to get a small project quilted. I had last seen it a week ago rolled up on an end table, ready for me to tape it to the table for pinning when I had a minute. Since then we moved all the furniture for carpet cleaning... I could not find it anywhere in the house and my fabric stealing 3 year old claimed innocence so I moved on to trying to straighten a few seams on my modern pink (ah, hem Valentine's)runner. So tonight before I went to bed, what do you think I found on my ironing board? My missing project! I asked my husband if he had found it...he said yes, on top of the upright freezer in our furnace room. I'll I can guess is that I must've been actually going to take out something ahead of time for once for dinner?

Seems like I have had one of those weeks that I don't get anything significant done but rather made efforts to multiple projects... Finally, everyone is back in their own bedroom after our fire last month so I can again stay up late to sew. (My sewing room is also the guest room) So rather than working on my DQS or one of many UFOs, I spent a night reorganizing a few drawers... with still more to do.

Last weekend I hung out with Benjamin Moore and painted my living room Hillside Green...we already had most of the furniture moved, so why not! I'm not getting much done now, but soon it'll feel good to have some of these things that were supposed to be summer projects already done.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday? A wonderful pack of charms from Jackie @ Canton Village Quilt Works... I won a giveaway that she sponsored on Amy's blog. Thank you both... I think since there are two of each charm they would make a great whirly-gig quilt someday.

Do you know what this is... a wonky log cabin from the ORB group this summer! I finished a block this week that had met the seam ripper just too often.

I also entered my Framed Robots Quilt in the weekly contest over the Quilting Gallery... this weeks theme is Little Boys. Another quilter many of you know, has a very cute turtle quilt, too! Voting is open until 11pm on Sunday night!


Needled Mom said...

Isn't it amazing where things pop up??? Glad that you found it.

I love the color of that green. It feels so mellow.

Nice win!! Now you'll need another project for them.

Love the wonky block. Those are so much fun to do.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Congratulations Karen on the awesome win from Jackie!
Hope you win the Quilting Gallery contest - that robot quilt is awesome!
And sweet mention of my turtles - thanks!!

allsewnup said...

I really like the blue/green fabs.
Looking for ward to seeing the outcome.