Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a Glimpse & a Winner!

Thank you to all of you that entered the giveaway for the Clip It Up swinging arm. There was a question as to maximum weight, while Bobbi at Clip It Up didn't give me an exact number, she suggested mounting the arm to a stud and did say she had at least one person using it for tools in their garage. (So pretty strong.)

Without further delay, the winner of the Clip It Up arm via RNG is Jenny at Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat. Congratulations, Jenny! Email me at with your mailing address! Thank you again to Clip It Up for providing this very useful prize!

Above is just a glimpse of my PQS3 that went out this week (we agreed to a late send due to my partners' work travel & my sick kids)...when it arrives to it's final destination, I'll share the rest of my photos. I had a hard time sending this one away, if my partner loves it a fraction of what I do, I will feel like I have succeeded. (so much for modesty, huh?)