Saturday, May 1, 2010

Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild: My Loot! & Jacquie's Spring to Finish Challenge

This past Thursday was the second meeting of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild at Sewtropolis. Each person was to bring a fat quarter for a drawing and something for show and tell. There are so many talented quilters amongst the was just decadent to see such work in person. Sadly, I again for the second time forgot to take photos!

As you can guess, I was the lucky winner of the fat quarter drawing. I'm usually not very lucky and given all the wonderful tidbits I came home with I actually feel a bit guilty! And yes, your eyes are seeing correct one of the members brought a FQ of Flea Market Fancy...she found a stash somewhere and bought it all! So thank you to my fellow guild members for such a treat!

The group decided on an upcoming quilt challenge. For our next meeting we are each to bring a 2.5 inch x WOF strip of a polka dot fabric to swap with each of the other members. Then we will take our new assortment of strips and can add one additional fabric to make a quilt of our choosing. This will be fun, I have already been cruising flickr for inspiration to come up with something that is not too terribly time consuming and that I will be happy to have in the end.

A week or two ago Jacquie announced a Spring to Finish Challenge. At the time I was in the middle of sewing PJs & bags for my nieces and wanted to get those done before I joined in and made my official list! The challenge is to see how many finishes you can complete by May 31st. I have updated my In the Works list and also added Jackie's icon to my sidebar and will be updating it with my number of finishes. My goal is 8 finishes and to be up to date on my BOM & Jelly Roll Quilt Along. The finishes themselves will be such a reward so I really haven't thought beyond that. Check out Jackie's blog if you'd like to join in!


Angela said...

what a bunch of fun to win something, especially if it involves some FMF!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Loot - I would say so!!! Some FMF - oh wow! Enjoy Karen!