Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poetry Stones

While I have been busy with life, kids, yard work & baseball...I HAVE done a few crafty things. Several years ago (when we had just one child) I made Poetry Stones for our yard and both sets of grandparents. My mom had been asking for one of my youngest child for over a year, so this summer I made each set of grandparents updated stepping stones for each child.

I used the Poetry Stone Kit by the makers of Magnetic Poetry and love their forms & letters. I was sharing the information with a friend and discovered that it looks like the same kit that I paid over $40 for years ago is now regularly $20 at Joann's and on sale for $12...which is such a deal. Once you have the kit, you can buy bags of vinyl patch mix at Lowe's for about $10 and get 2-3 large round stones...your embellishments would be the only other cost.

Here are a few of my original stones that are in my yard (wet from the sprinkler this morning). I have also made them on occasion of Mothers & Fathers Day & anniversaries, they make such memorable gifts which to me are so invaluable.


Poppyprint said...

Oh! That last one is fabulous and very fun. Love the 'est', very good idea. I did a glazed tile print of my children's hands on January 1st, 2000 and I still love looking at them. Your parents must enjoy these in their garden!!