Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Stash: Ikea

These are a few fat quarters that I received in a swap from Gretchen...I love the modern red white and blue prints...these prints are portions of Ikea sheets sold in Europe.

Below are a few sheets I picked up on a recent trip to Ikea. Many utilize these sheets in quilts and I have always been a bit skeptical to use something other than quilt shop quality fabric, but then I saw Elizabeth at Oh Fransson's 12+2=Quilt ,and decided I should try them . With limited piecing, I just might be able to get a large size quilt finished someday!

So I picked up a tan sheet which is the base quality level and I also wanted charcoal gray, which I had to go up to the next level to get... Since you can't see the sheet colors on their website I thought some of you might find this photo of interest.

And below are some napkins that I got, that I wish were printed on fabric... I love the gray, red and aqua whimsical trees!


Stephanie said...

I heart IKEA, a lot. Such wonderful and inexpensive things. I feel the need for another trip. Good thing it's a 2-hour drive or I'd visit way too often.