Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quilted Modern Crosses

I have spent much of the last week quilting my Modern Cross Quilt.  You may recall from an earlier post, it was a challenge quilt for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt guild to use 2 1/2 strips of fabric provided by other members.  My progress has not been fast by any means, I re-did most of the 36 blocks after I decided they needed to be a bit more wonky

I am happy to have the quilting done, but since I am going to use the quilt as a wall hanging I have decided to block it.  The cross blocks within the quilt are meant to be wonky, and the intent was the quilting also was not to be super perfect but I would like the outside dimensions to be truly square.  (Otherwise, I will certainly hear it from many family members if it is "not square to the world", and honestly it would drive me crazy, too.) 

I have found a few blocking tutorials and have read at least one post from Terri's blog on blocking.  It seems there is wet and dry blocking and I think I'm going to try something a bit in between... wash the quilt and then dry/fluff it for about ten minutes and then block it followed of course by binding it and adding a hanging sleeve.  (Any tips or tricks could have to share would be greatly appreciated... the process is on hold for the moment as my dryer needs a new heater and the part won't arrive until tomorrow!)

To see some of the completed quilts (from those more timely than I!), check out the flickr group for the MSP Modern Quilt Guild.


craftyMSP said...

Are you stopping by the meeting tonight to show this off!??

Mrs Quilty said...

Very interesting quilt! Never seen one like that before....more wonky! What fun!! Very nice~

Terri Stegmiller said...

Wonky is definitely good! Have fun with blocking!

Stephanie said...

Great the background fabric. I have to admit I have never heard of blocking a quilt.

PatSloan said...

i block the quilt by washing it and then spinning it twice... let it bounce in the dryer for a short bit.

lay it flat and use rulers to square it and blow floor fans to speed up the drying. this really works to get your quilt square! you can even correct small issues