Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Stash: Lewis & Clark by Brackman & Thompson for Moda ( & a visit to Fort Mandan)

Several years ago on occasion of the 200th anniversary of Lewis & Clark's Expedition, Barbara Brackman & Terry Thompson designed a collection of fabric for Moda and Terry also designed quilts for her books, Lewis & Clark: Quilts for the Journey and Lewis & Clark: Quilts Inspired by Bird Woman.  A year or so after this fabric was released I took my first quilting class and found the fabric at my LQS.  While is it definitely more traditional than my usual taste, back then or now, I was drawn to it because of the significance of Lewis & Clark in North Dakota's history.  Lewis & Clark spent over 1/4 of their journey at Fort Mandan along the Missouri River in North Dakota.  This rather photo heavy post shares my bit of fabric from this collection and our recent visit to Fort Mandan and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn, ND.

Fort Mandan: Summer 2010

These two photos show some of the yardage from my LQS and the photo below is a set of FQ I was lucky enough to later find on ebay.

Here you can see the detail in the toile pattern...

This photo of the selvages shows some of the names of the collection... I don't think I ever saved the pallet card from the Moda site, unfortunately.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center: Washburn, ND

I had ideas of hauling my Lewis and Clark fabric along on vacation for some rather unique Sunday Stash photos but the van was a bit full...

Fort Mandan: Summer 2010

Jon's mission (at the request of our neighbor, a retired kindergarten teacher), was to find out the correct pronunciation of Sakakawea.  Most people in North Dakota say it as I just wrote it and that is how Lake Sakakawea and other proper names in North Dakota are written.  In Lewis & Clark's journal it is Sacagawea.... no if your kids have listed to School House Rock like mine, it is wrong, there is no J or J sound in her name.  It is believed that whoever first transposed the journals made the error and it was not caught until some time later...even now my spell checker is wrong. 

Statue of Sacagawea at ND Heritage Center

Of course, if you would like to visit Fort Mandan yourself the North Dakota Department of Tourism would be glad to send you information on all the LEGENDARY travel opportunities in North Dakota...