Friday, September 24, 2010

Kaufman Scrap Bag Review & Potholders

For my leaders & enders project of recent I have been making string blocks for potholders from fabric strips from several Kaufman scrap bags.  I start out with a piece of scrap 8.5x11 paper and square it to 8.5 for my base and add strips as is their width.  I have made several potholders over the last few months trying to perfect my recipe and I think I have it:

Potholder Quilt Sandwich:

Layer ingredients as follows:
  • 1 quilt block
  • 1 layer canvas/twill (old dockers cut up)
  • 1 layer insulbrite
  • 1 layer warm n natural
  • 1 quilt block
I need potholders that aren't too thin, but 2 layers of warm n natural was too much for my machine so the upcycled dockers were my compromise.

I used Anita's machine binding method of bringing the binding from the back to the front, and for this project that has yielded the neatest binding results for me.

But back to the beginning, sometime last summer Hancocks of Paducah had a super sale on the Kaufman scrap bags and I wanted to check them out. (I had previously purchased a Moda one and thought it was close to the equivalent of a jelly roll!) I ordered 2 regular bags and 2 batik bags.  I was too excited to check out my great deal to stop and photo the contents of each bag... the regular bags were very diverse as the types of fabric Kaufman makes are.  The regular bags included novelties, metallic asian florals, fusions and some mod prints like mingle.  I probably wouldn't order these again because some of those prints are just not me at all.  I ordered 2 batik bags and separated the contents by color to dark/earthones and brights.  So here is what is left save the fabric used for the above potholders.

This I would do again as I don't care to have a batik stash but would like to use them once in awhile and the buy 2 and divide by color worked pretty well. Either of these would make a great quilt paired with some kona.

Have you tried the Moda or Kaufman scrap bags... I'd love to hear what you thought?


em's scrapbag said...

I've never tried them but they sound wonderful!

Joanne Lendaro said...

they look wonderful........

MoeWest said...

I have a Moda scrap bag of Summers End. I like that is all from one line and it is about 1/2 lb of fabric. These are great for any strippy project. The strips are about 3" wide including the selvage.