Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lettuce Edge Knit Pajama Pants

Don't forget, next Monday I'm hosting a Pajama Party!!  There will be a parade of pajamas via a link-up and one participant will be receiving two yards of Oliver & S knit fabric of their choice from Sewtropolis' etsy shop!  In the meantime, Nikol is offering free shipping from her shop to anyone who mentions they saw this promotion on my blog! (or 10% off if you stop in the store!)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving... I'm finally diving back into my sewing.  The weather here in the Midwest was expected to be rather stormy over Thanksgiving so last Tuesday we packed up fast (and a day early), pulled our oldest out of school and hit the road driving 600 miles to my parents house in North Dakota that night so that we could get there before the big snow event.  I really needed to get out of town so it was a wonderful respite but of course more days out of town equals less sewing & more dirty laundry when you get home!  The above photo is from my parents can guess how my husband spent some of his time there!? 

This week I whipped up some knit pajama pants for myself.  I took a pattern of off a pair of pants I had and used some knit fabric from my stash.  I used Liesl of Oliver & S fame's tutorial for the lettuce edge.  Here is a link to the blog post introducing the tutorial which was on the Janome website.  It was great information, I only wish all the information was in one place - so if you want to try this, read both!

Though I have an Elna serger, my control panel looks nearly identical to the Janome and I was able to easily follow Liesl's settings and directions.  Next time I would just try a few more things... the fabric hem is folded, then serged and stretched.  I used binding clips to keep this hem even and in place while sewing, but I then had to start and stop and my stitching was not perfectly smooth.  Next time I would spray baste or VERY loosely (to facilitate the stretch) thread base the hem up.  Also, I eyed the approximately quarter inch I cut off as I was stitching.  To make a perfectly even hem, I would draw a line on the outside to line the blade up to as you are sewing.  All in all, I was happy with the pants hem for a first attempt and since I'd consider myself a beginning serger... but I'd love any other tips you have to share if you've tried this before?!