Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oliver & S Bedtime Story Pajamas

Here is William in his new flannel pjs made from the Oliver & S Bedtime Story pj pattern and some Marcus flannel from my stash. 

 As usual, I traced the pattern on to tracing paper so that the original is intact for future use of a larger size. I made a size 5 which is one size larger than what he generally wears hoping to get an extra year out of them.  I found the pattern well written and with excellent diagrams.  The fit of the pattern seems to be rather trim...the pants are long on him but isn't overly generous in the waist for a kid that still can fit into a size 3 gap jean... 

From the beginning, I planned to replace the ties with snaps.  William is 4 and knows how to dress himself and can do snaps, I didn't want to add the ties and go backwards in terms of independence.  Once I completed the top, I decided the fit was trim enough that it would be wise to add twill snap tape for the closures rather than just a snap on each side, this would allow for future growth. 

Don't forget tomorrow is the Pajama Party...hope you'll be back to share a project! I started this because I myself had some sewing to do for my kids, but I got to wondering... how many quilters also sew garments?  I began sewing garments and only started quilting in the last several years, but of course everyone is different.  On the side of my blog, I added a poll just to find out how many of you do some apparel sewing.  Please take the time to would be fun to see the results.  I'll leave it up for a week or so, please vote just once. 

I'll be back tomorrow after lunch for the link up. (My model has preschool in the morning!)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

He is so cute in his new jammies Karen!

AMKreations said...

Such cute pj's and a cute little man too...I can't believe my son is gonna be 7! =(

Yes, I started way back when, I think I was 11, sewing clothes. That's what my mom taught me...I made a skirt and some dresses. Then I sewed dresses for my daughter, then handbags and now quilts. =)

The only clothes I sew now are to give as gifts...