Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Much of the last week has been spent with my parents who were here to celebrate a late Christmas with us and my oldest son's 9th birthday which was this past Sunday.  Before that, I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's doing a rather thorough cleaning and reorganizing of my sewing room/guest room.  The first part that I tackled was my scraps.  I had been collecting them in a large plastic bag that a comforter would come in, in the corner of the room (see below) and then just throw the bag in the closet if company came.  Originally I was going to go for the Ikea Expedit shelves & bins, but they were continually out of stock and I decided the fabric bins with lids above (from Container Store) would be more flexible to relocate to other parts of the room and less expensive as well. Above you can see the bins that I have the scraps divided into by colors (warm, cool, neutrals, etc.).  Of the jars next to the bins, one collects selvages, another my Moda/Kaufman/Fat Quarter Shop ribbons that I re-use for swap gifts and the last contains my leftover mini HSTs from making flying geese.

After my December Pajama Party, I was able to free up some closet space of all the knits I used up.  I moved some bins up a shelf, found room to get all my magazines in the closet and on one shelf, got my Minick & Simpson stash out of a nasty bag and folded nicely all on a shelf & moved my bolts of Kona up off the floor.

And this last space, is my usual dumping ground all cleaned up! As you can see it includes a COMPLETE list of UFOs, projects I have fabric for, what to sew projects, etc. that I compiled in Excel.  I have my top 10 projects prioritized and I hope this is a constant reminder of what I should be working on... Now that is really is all on paper, I'm deciding on what my goals for 2011 will be.

Thanks for letting me show you my cleaned up space... I was at the point that it was a necessity to mentally go forward.  So let the sewing begin!


Poppyprint said...

Congratulations! Cleaning up is a brutal job, but it feels so good after. I've only tackled one corner of my room that was piled with an overflowing box of scraps. They are all nicely sorted in clear drawers now and it feels great! Your room looks very pretty!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love it. Doesn't it feel good. I have done so much more and my cleanup wasn't as extensive. Nice work!

Quiet Quilter said...

So nice to be able to find thing wheh you need them! I lose my sewing machine sometime!

Barb said...

Awesome!!! Looks great!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great job Karen! I need to do exactly that when I get home, but I have NO closets in the guest room/sewing room.

Chris H said...

WOW you have done well.
I sorted out my sewing 'room' too over the past couple of weeks.

BUT I didn't sort my scraps into colours! EEE gads I didn't need to know you did that...trying to sort mine out would do my head in! Where would you put fabric that was green AND blue??? or Yellow AND orange AND green????

See...do my head in!

Needled Mom said...

Doesn't it feel good to get cleaned and organized?