Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flossieblossom's Sewing Caddies

These are sewing caddies that I had Susan at Flossieblossoms make for my mother and mother in law for Christmas.  I have loved these caddies since Susan first shared them, but just knew my chance of getting them done in December was nil.  If you look closely, the fabric says Grandma's House and coordinates with these bags.

Here are the open caddies and here you can read the description of how it functions and what each component is for. 

And I had to take this photo... what you probably can't see in the photo are the microscopic stitches to sew the binding on to this side.  This has to be the best binding I have ever seen...  And not only are these well made, but Susan finished these in lightning speed!

If you'd like one for yourself, you can purchase the pattern OR a finished caddy at Flossieblossoms etsy store.  Thank you again for making these for me, Susan! (the next one will be for me!)


Barb said...

Those are adorable.....I am sure both of them loved the sewing caddies.

Susan said...

Oh, I don't usually blush but you might have made me, Karen! Microscopic stitches, wowser! I do try to do a good job on everything I make, but most especially when someone is going to hand over hard-earned money for it. :)

Thank you for the lovely compliments and recommendation- I just sold another one due to you- she may be a friend or one of your many followers, but I certainly appreciate your kind words and your business and the business you've generated for me! I hope the moms liked their caddies!

Ha- veriword is elderses, too funny!