Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucky Girl

A week or so ago, the UPS man brought this to my door.  It was a birthday & Christmas gift from one of my sisters. She had sent it after the holidays, as she wanted to arrive when we were in town.  From what I have figured out thus far, it is a Singer Featherweight 221 Centential edition and has a birthdate of October 31, 1951.  My sister found this a few years ago at a yard sale of a charitable organization where she lives in Nevada.  I think she bought it not completely realizing what a find she had made!  After a bit of research of her own, she did get the electric cord replaced and updated and has had it tucked away since.   

These are the original accessories that were included...I'm still deciphering a few of them?  If anyone can add any insight to these, it would be appreciated.  Actually, if you have any experience with a featherweight I'd love to hear about it.  This is something I had not read much about previously. (since replacing my main machine has been the priority) 

I do know that I am going to absolutely love how tiny and light it is for classes as most do.  Even though it is very clean looking, I'm going to take it in to get it checked out right away... I'm a bit nervous to try it/break it!  In the meantime, I need to find a manual for this and read up a bit!

So thanks, Naomi! I LOVE my present!


littlebluebirdie said...

oh, lucky you! I love the featherweight, its all my mom ever sewed on, and if you remember my machine from the mmqg sew in, its the "big sister" to the featherweight. the manual should be easy enough to find for free online.

Its a fantastic little machine! Did you get the nice black case too?

as far as feet - you've got (from top left to right) the Edge stitcher, ruffler, binding foot, zipper foot, adjustable hemmer, two rolled hemming feet and im not sure about the last.

I'd be more than happy to help you out more with it at the mmqg meeting next week!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very nice gift from your sister Karen! I have one just a year older and love it! I was looking for the Centenial (the year I was born). Mine was just serviced before I purchased it and sews like a breeze. I take it to classes and retreats and wish I'd brought it to Florida (but didn't want it to get bruised)! Have fun with it.

kimland said... are a lucky girl, to have such a wonderful sister who knew you would appreciate just such a gift, ENJOY!!!

Poppyprint said...

Nice sister!! No matter how hard you try, I'm pretty sure you would never be able to break this little machine. They are virtually indestructible! There is tons of support online and you can even buy a great 'do it yourself' manual. I recently took mine apart and solved a tension problem by removing a stray thread under the plate.

Have fun with it!!

Barb said... are a lucky girl...

Needled Mom said...

You will love using that machine. They are so sturdy so I would not worry about breaking it.

I see that Kristy has already told you what the attachmants are so I won't repeat. They are really fun to use with your Featherweight and the manuals are easily found nowadays - new ones.

Lisa said...

Lucky girl indeed! What a great find by your sister. And what a wonderful sister to gift it to you. Enjoy it!

Meghan said...

Lucky girl is right! I can't wait until I have a bigger place sans roommate and can start collecting antique machines. (I've already claimed both grandmothers' machines!)

GerryART said...

i just bought my second Featherweight just before Christmas.
They just keep working and working.


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...


Sarah Craig said...

I have a machine identical to yours - it was originally my mothers, bought the year she did a major sewing project for 4-H (56 outfits in one year!). She sewed on it until it was time for me to learn how to sew; then my sister learned on it; my daughter learned on it and my nieces learned on it too! It's impossible to kill this machine! And I've been told by the repairman never to sell it - it's by far the best machine Singer ever made!! Congratulations and enjoy yours!!

gale said...

You're so lucky! I bought myself one just before Christmas but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Have fun with yours!!

Carla said...

You are going to love, love this machine. I found mine a few years ago at an estate sale....brought it home and started sewing! I've never had to do anything to it except clean and oil it regularly. My machine prefers good old Coats and Clark thread. ....everytime I try to use nicer thread, the tension isn't as that's my only advice--try different threads. The stitch these make is so pretty!

pewterandsteel said...

Hi, I belong to a group on Yahoo, you might find interesting.

It's a group for featherweight owners to discuss everything featherweight, including repair and maintenance.


dls said...

What a lucky girl you are.... and happy belated birthday. I agree with Carla's comment that you are going to "love, love this machine". I inherited my Featherweight 221 (same birthday as your model) and the table from a great aunt who taught home economics. I think I am truly lucky too!

Have the same attachments are yours. If you don't have the manual explaining their use, look around on the internet for copy. Otherwise, I would be happy to make a copy of my manual and send it your way.

You will discover there are lots of other attachments that will be fun to try, but some are very expensive. I would find a sewing machine guy you can trust if you ever need to service your gem. There are also classes on how to do the maintenance yourself if need be.

It's a great little machine to take to classes too. So enjoy it.

PS: I follow "April 1930" blog|website and she has lots of hints, attachments, etc. for the Featherweight.