Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday + 1: WIP Seasonal UFOs

A day or so ago, I got out all my Valentine's kits & fabrics.  If you are like me, if these projects don't get done in the next four days, they will plummet to the bottom of my lengthy UFO/Want to Sew list.  I don't suppose any of these were technically UFOs since I hadn't even started them yet, but I'd love to get them done. 

Above I have the main part of a runner pieced using Anka's Treasures Little Charmers II pattern (Framed 4-Patch) and Flirtations fabric by Sandy Gervais.  I purchased this as a kit and the store added fabric to make it a rectangular runner with two borders rather than the pointed end as in the original adding the borders will be my next step on this.

This may look familiar, it is a 10x12" little topper pieced from scraps from this Valentine's Day runner I made last year.  I plan on using this little mat under a bowl or candle on my kitchen counter. This is ready to be quilted. I thought about adding a small border but it is busy enough the way it is.

And then I have this Valentine's charm pack and a small bit of yardage from Deb Strain that is several years old.  It is looking a bit much for me, so I think solids would look nice to tone some of these fabric a bit.  Then again, Valentine's is only 4 days away so who knows what I'll get done?

So are you working on any last minutes V-day projects, too?!


Chris H said...

Valentines Day! Good Grief I had forgotten about that! Maybe I'll make His Nibs a mug rug! lol

OOOO I love all your gorgeous fabrics...*drool*

Sara said...

I really like the top runner--love the hearts and white fabric in there:)

Poppyprint said...

that's funny. I pulled out the Flirtations charm pack the other day, asked myself if there was a hope I would actually finish anything by the weekend, and then promptly put it back on the shelf!! Good on you for forging ahead to the 14th!

Michele said...

Love your projects......especially the table runner. That reminded me I have Little Charmers under a pile of fabric on my counter. I keep planning to use it, but other projects get in the way :) No Valentine projects for me this year. I plan on posting some pictures of some past Valentine projects in the next few days though.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The Framed runner is looking so cute! I made a bunch of Valentine stuff last year and if I get one little thing finished for Audrey, that will be it.