Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GKFE - the Last Finish

I finally solved the last challenge of my part in the Great Knit Fabric Experiment.  As you may recall I used Harmony Art organic sateen's prewashed and precut squares from Stitch Simple to make this patchwork quilt top. 

Of course with the interlock knit backing, pin basting was not acceptable so I moved on to experimenting with fusible batting.   

I had a hard time deciding what was most acceptable for a baby quilt, basting spray or fusible batting.  Interestingly 49% of you said neither in my sidebar poll, 24% would use basting spray, 15% would use fusible batting, 12% said they would use either.

I like bamboo batting for baby quilts because it is thinner so I went with Fairfield Fusiboo batting. The part that was challenging for me was finding the right needle to use with the fusible batting so that I would not have skipped stitches and yet minimize the size of the needle to be as kind as possible to the knit.

Ultimately, I had the best results with a size 90 quilting needle and despite the challenges and large amount of time spent with my seam ripper, I am very happy with my result.  The end product is a very soft quilt with the interlock knit backing and a perfect lighter weight option to minkee for warmer climates. ( Though since the interlock is almost 60 inches wide, it might be nice for a big person throw too!) 
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Barb said...

Your quilt turned out awesome...

Harmony said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and process too.

Needled Mom said...

I love the colors too!!! Great looking quilt and it was really fun to read about your trials with it.

Quiltstory said...

Great colors and I love the quilting. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)

Angela said...

wow, this is fabulous! love those colors!