Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP: Trials & A Few New Tools

Last week I was having a few challenges quilting my knit backed quilt (skipping stitches) so I hauled the quilt and my machine into my local dealer to get some help.  Kurt said I needed a bigger needle... I had been using a size 70 universal needle and that was too small for all the layers including the fusible batting which was probably not entirely disolved. (I thought a smaller needle would be better for the knit?) Changing the needle to a size 80 seemed to solve the problem.  His recommendations if that wouldn't have worked were to go to a quilting needle and then to a titatium coated needle if need be.  Here is what I got to have on hand.  (I had never heard of Organ brand needles before.)

Several days later when I came back to it, I had the same problem again so I am hoping the fusible just needs a fresh pressing.

I also got my featherweight back that unfortunately needed a new motor...but goes quite fast now.  And I picked up a 1/4 foot for it.  (It was only $6 - who ever heard of a foot that cheap?!)

A threadstand was included in the purchase price of my Horizon however they were backordered when I bought my machine, but I was able to pick that up last week also.  Aurifil thread spools do not fit on the main horizontal thread holder so I am anxious to try those on my machine because I bought the threads below with my $50 Fat Quarter Shop gift card from the Be Mine Blog tour/Sherri's blog.  (Thank you!)

Previously I had metal bobbins, but the Horizon has plastic bobbins so I ordered these organizers from Nancy's Notions and also some of the teflon bobbin washers that Leah Day recommends, too.

I've been tidying up my sewing space (and my house which was in rough shape), sorting projects, cutting somethings out and tending to sick kids for this last week... so I hope to have a few finishes to show in the next several days.  What have you been up to?


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'm in need of most of the things mentioned in your post..thread, needles, organizer!

Anne said...

Glad you mentioned "dissolving" the adhesive on the fusible batting. I have never used the fusible, but I intend to in the future. I have used Organ needles quite a bit on my Bernina. The only problem is that the needle threader on my machine won't always hit the eye. However, the Organ needles are excellent.

Also, I was wondering about your Featherweight. I have one that I think doesn't sew up to full speed. It's not truly "slow," but it won't zip along quickly. What prompted you to take yours in for service? After I bought mine on eBay last year, it was serviced by a professional. The man who serviced my machine didn't mention it sewing slowly, but the eBay seller, in his ad, mentioned that the machine was slow. I have never seen in person another Featherweight machine operate, so I don't know what constitutes a fast or slow speed on a FW.

Good luck with all of your projects!

fabricartist21 said...

I love those bobbin savers. I use those and keep all my bobbins to all of my machines in separate ones.
I love the part of your post where you said your house was in rough shape. LOL Mine is in really ROUGH SHAPE. ugh need to Spring clean.

Barb said...

I so need a thread stand and some more bobbins for my Horizon, where did you get your bobbins?

Michele said...

I have trouble with skipped stitches sometimes and I've been told to use a larger needle, but what do you do when you use a tighter weave fabric like a batik? I've been cleaning up after my last project today :-)

Stina said...

Thanks for all the info on all the things I didn't know that could be added to the Horizon... These things would be to a lot of help. But I guess that my dealer haven't heard about them...:0) will take a look out on the internet...:0)