Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not in Season (a bit of sewing from Hunting Season)

This project is certainly sewing of a different type than quilting, but I decided to share it for those of you that may have husbands with similiar interests.  I am originally from southwestern North Dakota where pheasants are beyond husband goes hunting each year. 

Because of all the tall brush hunters encounter while walking the land, they typically wear upland pants which are pants with Cordura on the legs to prevent being poked by all the burrs.  Some of these pants can get quite at expensive at shops like Cabelas (who wants to spend $100 on pants that are going to get covered with mud and blood?), so I decided to make a pair for my husband.  This past fall I made my first try by using an old pair of jeans and 1000D Cordura.  They worked well during hunting and my husband has requested another pair for next year.  He'll use these and wants to try some chaps too.

The fleece pullover he is wearing was made with Mossy Oak fleece and Green Pepper's Mock Turtle Polar Sweater pattern. This went together very fast and is a nice simple pullover with the bottom back elasticized with a cord lock for adjustment.  The only change I would make is to try to make the neck hole opening smaller so the mock neck could be a bit closer fitting and warmer.

We went to my parents this past weekend for Easter so I made my husband bring these along to model and photograph...for some reason it just seemed too odd last fall when I was taking photos of this outfit in our suburban backyard next to the swing set? 

Here is another photo from home. Besides pheasants, petrified wood is also abundant in North Dakota...this is part of my mom's rock garden - the center rock is about 3 feet high and 18 inches around and you can see by the shape and knots that many years ago it was a tree trunk.


Sharon said...

SW ND? We just moved from Southwest of Baker, MT. I know plenty of pheasant hunters. :)

Those pants are great! Maybe I need to make some for my hubby, who's going to be guiding for the ranch this fall. I'm going to bookmark this post for future inspiration.

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Quiet Quilter said...

Thanks for a refreshing look at sturdy and protective pants. Great idea that I will forward to some hunters I know...

Brenda said...

Made the mistake of showing your post to my husband, he wanted to know why I hadn't made him a shirt like that. I guess that will be a new project. Thanks for sharing.