Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stacking the Odds: A New Project

With so many naked beds in my house and a new machine capable of quilting a large quilt, I have been anxious to make a bed size quilt.  I decided to start with a quilt for my guest room /sewing room bedroom as the comforter that is on the bed is far older than I'd care to admit.  I'm using Denyse Schmidt's Stacking the Odds pattern with fabrics from the American Primer line by Minick & Simpson along with some natural kona cotton. 

To choose the fabrics for the layout of the quilt, I took Denyse's suggested Hope Valley layout and labeled each fabric as warm or cool and then substituted the American Primer navy and school boy blues for the cool tones she used and then used the moss green and cheddar fabrics in place of her warm tones.  The pattern uses 12 prints and 2 solids.  In lieu of the solids, I used red prints from the line.  I am one to agonize far too long so for me this was a quick way to get a nice random color layout.

Each bar is made up of 25 different pieces, each piece with it's own template.  I didn't care to spend a small fortune in template plastic so I decided to try photocopying the templates, pinning paper templates to the fabric with flat pins and then cutting out that way.  I cut one bar (I need to make four for a queen size quilt) and pieced it right away to see how it came together.  I think it turned out just fine, and was certainly completed quicker and less costly than using traditional templates.  (Just a little difficult to get a photo though as it is rather rainy here today!)

If anyone has made this I'd love to hear about it and any advice you have to offer...this is really one of those quilts that appears rather simple (and does sew up quickly) but requires some forethought.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

PS: While this project doesn't fit the guidelines for the Naked Bed Challenge, I linked to it as it is such a great idea! Do you have a quilt you made on your own bed?!


Dianne said...

I love American Primer! One of my favorite lines!

sew and so much more said...

I wish I had know you started this! I would've quilted a long with you. I have had this pattern and fabric for it for ages...I do so much better sewing with a friend tho :-) Can't wait to see it done!