Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild Kona Challenge & Clearly Perfect Angles

Our current challenge for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild is to see what we can come up with using a Kona brights charm pack and one additional Kona solid in half square triangles.  In past posts I've mentioned how much I like Thangles for accurate HSTs that don't need trimming.  Thangles don't work for precut charms so I researched the Angler 2 and Clearly Perfect Angles. Both work similar in the idea that you don't have to mark your center reference line to sew your two seams down the center of your pair of charms that create your two HSTs. The Angler has to be taped down each time and Clearly Perfect Angles is a large reusable/repositionable cling. As you can see, I decided to try Clearly Perfect Angles since I didn't want to mess with taping each time.

The photos show the progression of the process as I'm sewing two charms together. To begin you just line up the upper left angled edge of the charms with the gray diagonal line and the point of the charms to the gray line on the bottom and follow that line as you sew.  You can flip the charm around to complete your second seam.

The cling comes as one large piece and you can choose to cut out a small area where the needles and feed dogs are or a larger area around the free arm like I did.  You can see above and below here that I did put a piece of quilters tape across the arm of the machine to extend the gray sewing line so that I had a precise line for the entire seam...otherwise the last inch or so you have to eyeball it. (My first ones ended a bit crooked!)

Overall it was a pretty quick process to sew these charms together and I was happy with the Clearly Perfect Angles tool.  Time will tell how well the cling holds I'll keep you updated on how it lasts.

Now the fun begins, pressing and trimming!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I just got the Clearly Perfect Angles too Karen, but haven't used it yet. Hope it's a winner!

Poppyprint said...

That's so funny - I once taught a design class which involved a charm pack and a yard of solid. I taught my class how to use the Angler 2 to turn everything in 1/2 square triangles and then in the next class we design walled everyone's stack. It was great fun and everyone came out with a different quilt! I've never heard of the clingy angle thingy, I'll have to look for it b/c the angler doesn't work well on my new Pfaff with the curved front deck.

Diane said...

what a fun tool! I need to find one.

Kari Carr said...

Thanks for using the Clearly Perfect Angles! I know you will continue to use and enjoy it. If you ever have any questions, please just let me know.
All my best,
Kari Carr
New Leaf Stitches

Cherie said...

I bought one of these from Pine Needles when I went to the Sewing Summit. You've motivated me to try it out :)