Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Boys of Summer are Back

Life around here has been a total blur for the last month. We were out of town at Easter, then had company a few weekends and I was in charge of a weeks worth of events for Staff Appreciation at my son's school for our PTO.  (Which I did do some sewing for but didn't get photos, so will when the decorations come down)

Since February my 10 yo has had spring training for baseball but the season is in full swing now.  Last week they had games Tuesday and Thursday with a Friday, Saturday and Sunday tournament.  7 games in one week. I was sunburned and my hexagons have gone MIA since last season, not good.  But I am certainly not complaining, the kids are so fun to watch.  They placed second in their tournament last weekend qualifying them for their state tournament already and the last game was a total heart breaker - a two out rally lost by one run.  (the last out was a matter of a few inches on the final slide into home)

School activities and demands are on the final wind down and I'm looking into settling into a summer schedule of just the boys' activities with hopes of doing some sewing and gardening during the days. On my to do list for this weekend is to pick out a new paper piecing project (since I have baseball games & camp for one or both of the boys for all buy 5 days in June).  Of course I'm looking for suggestions? What is your favorite paper piecing project that you've seen recently?  


Jennifer said...

We are in the thick of softball right now so I know what you mean about everything being a blur!

I'm definitely looking forward to things slowing down this summer. I'm going to start working on a paper-pieced airplane quilt for my hubby...

Jennifer :)

PS... you've got a lefty just like me!