Monday, July 30, 2012

A Visit to the Badlands

Earlier this summer we visited my parents in North Dakota and went to Medora and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Badlands.   I decided to share a few pictures because I know I like to see where everyone lives/travels since we don't stray too far from home these days and I don't have much sewing to share!

These are a few photos from our drive through the park... lots of wildlife and expansive views. 

This is the Maltese Cross cabin which Teddy Roosevelt had built for himself when he lived in the Badlands.

And we finished up the day going to the Medora Musical which is held in an outdoor amphitheatre beginning at dusk.

Hopefully, the next time we get back to the Badlands... I'll have a newly finished quilt to take along for a photo least that's my vision for a new blog header one of these days.


Needled Mom said...

I just love visiting the Badlands. My grandfather homesteaded up there until he moved to Iowa.

Your visit looks like it was wonderful. We've missed you in blogland.

Sara said...

Both ND badlands and SD badlands are really beautiful. We loved the Medora Musical when we visited the area some years ago.