Thursday, August 23, 2012

Collecting Sewing Print Fabrics: Momo & Koseki

 I have been slowly collecting a few sewing print fabrics to use in a machine cover, pincushion or thread catcher.  I purchased a few Suzuko Koseki prints from Ayumi's shop and obtained a few more by trading off some Neptune to a flickr friend.  The OOP Momo was found half off in the online shop of one of my favorite Houston quilt shops, that sadly is not selling fabric anymore.

I've been sorting my fabric a bit in anticipation of the boys going back to school in a few weeks.  While I certainly haven't bought much fabric as of recent, I am finding that with the various bits and OOP fabrics that I've been collecting I may have enough to make something.  I've decided to restart my weekly Sunday Stash as way to motivate me to continue to organize these fabrics... and I'll also be purging a few things in my OOP shop and swapping via flickr too.