Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stash: Loft 1800 by Erin Michael

Well this photo probably confirms my fabric hoarder status, not that any of us really thought otherwise.  These are six different prints from the Loft 1800 line by Erin Michael for Moda. I found these fabric a few years ago and it was OOP then.  I'm not really sure when Moda first produced it.  The vibrant rich fall colors are what drew me to pull this out today.  I'd like to make a new fall runner for my table so I'm contemplating this or something a bit more traditional.  (Finishing it probably more key that what I use!)

Erin Michael is well known for her Lush line for Moda, featuring the paint by number deer and Uptown including the paint by number birds.  Her last lines featured sock monkeys.  I like many wonder if we'll be seeing any more from her? 

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