Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Favorite Fabrics Threadcatcher (A little Suzuko & Denyse)

A week or so ago I had several days of painting to do for a home improvement project so I sent my machine away to the spa for a cleaning.  I thought I should make a little sewing area treat when I got it back so decided to try to make a thread catcher using this tutorial I found on pinterest.

The pincushion is a few my favorite fabrics pieced and quilted: Katie Jump Rope on the outside edges, with some Flea Market Fancy sandwiching a bit of a sewing print by Suzuko Koseki in the middle.  The clock print on the inside of the bag is also a Suzuko Koseki print and the outside is one of  Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden print.

And after drooling over all the gorgeous thread catchers Krista has made and her fabulous fabric selection, I added a bit measuring trim tape on the top of the bag too.

Like any new project, I did learn a few things making this bag.  After my machine kept skipping stitches while top stitching the bag through the belting inside, I discovered I needed to increase the pressure on my sewing foot.  I also need to come up with a go to pincushion filling? Walnut shells are not an option in my nut free house and I didn't have the patience to wait to order cotton batting or glass filling so I added a rice bag for weight topped with poly stuffing in the pincushion.  Not the best option, so this thread catcher has been relegated to the ironing board.  I also wondered if I should have added a pocket or a lanyard for some sewing snips?  (Any suggestions?)

One more photo, in place ready to use!  It's always fun to be surrounded by pretty tools!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very nice thread catcher Karen! Love all the great fabrics you used.

Stina Blomgren said...

Love it!!!:0)
Ned to make one myself..

gi quilt said...

I use clean sand in my pin cushions. I make an inner bag to hold the sand then my pretty outer cover. This has two purposes, hold pins and sharpen them as you pull them in and out.