Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday WIP: A Trip through the 70s

There has been a lot of hunting and home improvement going on around here the last month or so and not nearly as much sewing as I'd like.  One of those hunting weekends I had the grand idea of making a quilt top in a weekend as it was just me and my 6yo together at home. Given that it is still a WIP, you know I did not attain my overambitious goal...but nonetheless I have been plugging along on it as time allows.

It is a Trip around the World pattern on point using OOP 1974 collection by the Urban Chiks for Moda.  I used strip pieces as my fabric allows to make the piecing quicker. I need to finish a few more strips sets for the outer rings of the quilt as well as the center then I can begin the final assembly!