Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Miscellany

It's been nearly a month since I posted...and it's just been a your foot got stuck on the gas pedal and you can't stop going.  Surprisingly, I did get a tiny bit of sewing in.

Above is a patchwork pillow top I pieced using a repro flour sack towel.  I have a couple of the 16x26 forms from Pottery Barn that I want to cover for my basement family room.  After undoing the meandering quilting I started with, I'm in the process of quilting it with diagonal lines...hope to finish this one soon.

The week before last was spring break for the kiddos.  My 6 year old had hand pieced a few ugly scraps at Grandma's house last summer and then quilted it this fall...all by hand, by himself.  I added the binding for him this week so he now has a finish!  I set up my old machine and both boys took a turn at sewing on the machine too.

My Woolies quilt is back from the quilter and ready for binding...decided I didn't want to brave the flannel.

Other stops on this month's blur of a ride include:
  • Science projects for the kiddos  (did you know a wet Viva paper towel holds over 4lbs? and Pop-Secret popcorn has the highest popping ratio?)
  • Husband in Brazil on business for a week
  • Dishwasher stops working day after husband leaves, out of order for 10 days
  • My parents came for a visit near the end of my husbands trip but sadly both got colds so we had to scale back a few plans.
  • Husband left for a 4 day ice fishing trip
  • My sister came to visit for a long weekend 
  • Food Allergy Awareness walk at MOA
  • Went to many, many baseball practices
  • Quick waterpark visit with the kids - my 6 year old is braver than anyone else in the family
  • Dryer breaks down night before leaving for waterpark so I leave my house with clothes hanging everywhere to dry.Then once repaired we were advised to clean lots of lint!
  • Taxes completed (yeah!)
 When my sister visits I usually put her to work and have a massive sewing list.  When I was cleaning up my sewing room/guest room for all the company I was reminded that I have a bit too much fabric so decided to see if we could whip up a few quick tops?! I have had one of Elizabeth's 12 + 2 =Q quilts on my list for a few years... I have a naked, quiltless bed I'm ashamed to say.

My sister picked out some Hope Valley blue fat quarters and paired it with some of the Aunt Edna prints that were navy/rose colored and added these to a charcoal gray ikea sheet for her top. (sorry no photo it was late the night before she left!)

My top is an odd conglomeration of eclectic prints to tie in current artwork, and a few of the quilts I've designed in my head for my bedroom.  I'm using a tan kona for my solid.  These are the patchwork strips... I just need to piece these with the kona strips to finish the top.

So what's new with do you handle getting sidetracked (or trying not too) by life?  Might have to go back to my night owl ways now that spring is finally coming...


sophie said...

I love the flour sack and the triangles and flying geese you've added to make the pillow.

Needled Mom said...

Life has to take priority...enjoy the ride.

Love the cute use of the flour sack and the boy's sewing too.

MissEnota aka Kristin S. said...

Me too -- that four sack pillow top is a stunner! Really nice. :) said...

I love that map print fabric!