Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the MSP Mod Guild Blog: Finding OOP Fabrics

(Lush by Erin Michael for Moda, OOP but being reprinted this summer)

When I was a new quilter, it seemed like I was always falling in love with collections that were out of print and sometimes these days by the time I try to finish a project and need a bit more fabric, it is out of print and difficult to find.

Yesterday I shared my obsessive process for finding OOP fabrics on the MSP Mod Guild Blog...


Carla said...

THAT is a swoon-worthy stack of fabric!

MadScientistK said...

Thanks for sharing! I do pretty much the same for cloth diaper sewists trying to figure out what fabric a particular maker used, and Google Image Search helps quite a bit when you don't have the selvage info. But I didn't know about and I forget about the Flickr groups!