Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday WIP: Two Stacks, One Big Stink & a New Nightstand

Last year the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild had an challenge to create a quilt with upcycled textiles and I had a plan for mine. I had a large stack of denim jeans and a large stack of thrifted wool items to use for my project.  A week or two before the challenge was due I went to wash my wool items up to felt them.  I opened the washer and was nearly knocked over by the terribly musty smell from the fabrics.  For the next day I tried many remedies looking for a solution to the stink and I simultaneously panicked - did the thrifted fabric stink before being accumulated or was the stink from the antique dresser in my sewing room?

While the fabric issue took sometime to work out, the furniture solution did not. Besides the thrifted wools, I had several OOP fabrics stored in that dresser and I was mortified that they could be in a similar state.  That same day I emptied the entire dresser and managed to get it outside on to the patio of my walkout basement and the next day I called the furniture store to purchase the matching nightstand for the bed that I shouldn't have been so frugal to buy in the first place.

So a few days later, I picked up my new nightstand and was so happy that my OOP fabrics hadn't acquired the stink.  The wools on the other hand, just kept a stinkin' after many attempts at various solutions so into the garbage they went.

As I tried to formulate plan B, someone or several someones got sick... I think my son had the whooping cough and then I got the flu? Anyway, my stack of denim was put away in a bin until this summer when I found it again and added to it with more holey knee jeans from the past school year.

This past week now that my kids are back in school, I have pulled out that bin and made a large mess cutting, trimming, pinning and sewing on this denim quilt.  My brother in law has a denim quilt that his grandma made him, which he uses during deer hunting, and my husband asked several years ago for a denim quilt too, so he shall finally get one when I finish this.

The idea for this quilt was created after seeing Krista at Poppyprint's quilt and photos from a Gee's Bend workshop that she attended as well as the Gee's Bend quilts themselves. Thank you ladies for the inspiration.

I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced today to share this WIP.


Mary said...

What a lot of work! I like that take on the blue jeans quilt. I am sorry to hear about your woes with the dresser. I have one like that which I can't part with. My husband is supposed to help me line it with cedar which should solve the problem. Fortunately the odor is something that only accumulates after a LONG time.

Poppyprint said...

So sorry your wools weren't salvageable, how frustrating! The denim quilt is looking fantastic! I love the pockets. I am embarrassed to say my clothing quilt is not yet finished!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great start on your jeans quilt! I have some wool stashed that's got me wondering now...