Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Finish: Freeport Gatherer Basket

I finished my Freeport Gatherer Basket!  Unless it is turned just so, it looks a bit like the Leaning Tower of Pizza but I like the fabrics so much I'm overlooking its' imperfections.  I used an assortment of Kaffe Fassett prints in browns and rusts that I had stashed for quite some time.  

After cutting out the fabric strips, duo fuse and adjoining them; they were folded up similar to bias tape and sewn.  This was the most lengthy part of the project.  I had some new red clover clips and they worked perfect for this part. (Amazon has a good price Clover Wonder Clips, 50 Per Pack)

Basket assembly goes rather quick...just difficult to keep even and straight.

Here is what the inside looks like.  The pattern contains instructions for an optional lining, but I decided I would rather look at the assortment of fabrics than just one.

My basket ended up being about 14" in diameter and 12" tall.  I used 26-30" strips of fabric (2.5" wide) for my basket.

I am linking up my Friday Finish with Amanda Jean.  Check out everyone's great projects in the's a cold day here in MN so that is what I plan on doing this evening.