Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover (Charm Friendly)

This last month has been full of holiday preparations and household end of the year tasks.  I am happy that I did find time to make a few small gifts.  I used a charm pack of Winter's Lane by Kate & Birdie Paper Co. that I had cut into 2.5" squares (same size as mini-charms) to make the granny square design for the front of this hot water bottle cover. I did not use a pattern but just made my own by drawing around the water bottle I was using.  It ended up very snug, so if you make something like this yourself I would suggest using a greater allowance than you think you'll need. (Though it doesn't slide around inside when filled which is nice.) I definitely see making a few more of these in my future, living in a cold winter climate I think they make a nice gift.

Today I am linking up with Connie in Iowa at Freemotion by the River.


Needled Mom said...

That is a fabulous idea and looks wonderful. Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

There is something about hot water bottles that just draws me even though I don't own any! This is very cute